Sunday, 8 January 2012

Days leading up to 2012

We had a brilliant break over the Chrtistmas period with family visiting and going to visit family. We had Audrey around on Christmas Day and had a great time. She seemed to enjoy it and went off with her hamper of goodies for her to dive into when she needed a fix.

Kim and Mum Audrey

 I took this photo of Alex whilst we were waiting for Kim to arrive back and Alex took this one of me.



We had a brilliant Christmas with all the troops on the 29th and I can't believe that another year has passed. It it traditional to have a family photo and this year it had to be inside. There is always much hilarity over the camera timer switch and will I make it into the photo in time. This year sadly Alex was missing for most of it as he had to work but he arrived back in time for adult present opening and the kids welcomed him with open arms.

All the Troops except the boy.

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