Sunday, 29 April 2012

Aren't I a lucky Girl

Well I couldn't resist any longer so have got myself an iphone 4. I was so excited waiting for it to arrive that I made Kim take a picture of me with the box before I had even got it out to play. It is so sleek and swooshy ( not sure about that word but hey ho) and i  love the feel of it . Have already got some great piccies on it and downloaded a couple of apps but there are so many to choose from where does a girl start!

My new toy
I have also been looking at our library.....only joking but anyone that knows us knows how we love books. All kinds of books have found it into our library but I wanted to explore some more of the arty stuff so we had a little trip to the fabulous Stamp Attic at Wantage. What a fab range of stuff they have and they are the only shop locally well 1 and 1/2 hours away that do all kinds of books. I went armed with my camera of existing books and low and behold a couple that I had been looking for they had.
Their range of goods are phenomenal so it is well worth a trip.

Reminds me of High School Monsters

Ready for Kim to start Steampunk stuff

Cloth paper scissors is a magazine that I had seen before but not really looked at closely until I found a great technique in this edition called Fragile Fusion by a very talented lady called Rebekah Meier. What a great idea and something that I think is well worth a try. I had to go out and hunt for some supplies so have those ready and waiting for my first attempt.

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  1. Well I think it i about time you posted some more stuff - so much has happened since April - let's have some more pictures!