Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Who would have thought it.

Yesterday Kim and I got out there and attacked the garden. We decided to tidy up borders, edge lawns and mow the grass. We have not gardened since we had the house in France and that was not so much gardening as hacking our way through the undergrowth. We are really pleased with the results as you can see below. Kim put his heart and sole into it the only hiccup was no........petrol so we had to trundle off to the garage and buy not only petrol but a can  He really doesn't like gardening but suffers it for me although he was really pleased with the results.At least with a garden you can see your efforts relflected in the finished product.

Kim getting on with it.

Here is the finished garden just got to hunt down some plants and hanging baskets to pretty it up.

Wow what a difference    

 We did go off to look at plants and have a list of things we like including colourful azaleas, roses (fragrant of course), fuschias and hebes.

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  1. It's all a bit technical for me, soil types, sunny or shaded positions, biannual or biennial, I just dig and mow - know my limitations!

    ... lawn looks good, though!