Monday, 5 January 2015

First One of the Year...................


Today was the first day back to work after a very nice 12 days off. I so enjoyed the time I have spent with my family and friends. Oh too often life goes past in a blur of activity and we just need to stop for a while to appreciate the great parts of our lives that we take for granted.

2 years ago I suffered a knee injury which resulted in a massive impact on my family and work colleagues. The pain of the injury is still with me and has stopped me from being able to do a lot of the things that I so enjoyed. This year my intention is to take back parts of me that got lost along the way and challenge myself to 'give things a go'. Some things will still not be within my grasp but I do have to ask myself even if I had been fit would I want to do them. The answer would be resounding NO.

My first thing today was to take a walk around the block. It may not have been very far but it was a lot further than I managed this time last year. We measured this at 1/2 mile which is great.

I have also done my first Fast Day of 2015. It is not really so bad with lots of determination and support from my friends on My Fitness Pal. This is a great website where there are people to encourage, support and cheer you up when things get a little rough.

Last night Kim and I did some paining with light in the back garden. I had forgotten how much fun this is to do and we got some amazing shots. We learned how to do this by attending a workshop at Port and Lemon in Warsash with the talented photographer Julia Mills.

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