Friday, 9 January 2015

Tonights Feast

My boys prepared our feast for tea tonight. Alex is really getting the hang of this cooking lark and seems to enjoy being creative. It is nice to let someone else doing the cooking for a change and it something that I could get used to.
The main course tonight was a new recipe from the Hairy Dieters 3rd book. It was Baked Fish with Red Peppers and Tomatoes. I was delicious served with rice ( Alexs favourite) and carrots and tenderstem broccoli.

Yummy Recipe
The next recipe on tonights delightful menu were American Breakfast Pancakes made with a Nigella Lawson recipe. Alex first made these when he was cooking for Becky and has developed the skill for producing a fabulous batch now. They are golden brown, light and fluffy just as intended and delicious. Here he is producing this delight in full chef mode!

Our Very Own Masterchef

This is the finished product and boy did they taste great with a sprinkle of sugar and fresh lemon juice.


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